Are you compromising your IBM Systems?

As an official IBM Business Partner, we provide you with genuine and certified parts for your IBM Power Systems. Our team of experienced engineers are fully trained to deliver the same quality of service as IBM, with a lot more flexibility.

Evolution Systems is here to help you reduce your maintenance costs and manage your hardware and software assets with confidence. We understand that you want to decrease business risk, improve service quality, cut down costs and extend equipment life cycles through proactive management and maintenance.

Watch the replay of our Live Event to find out if using third-party maintenance for your IBM Systems could mean putting your infrastructure at risk.

Key takeaways

  • You might not have a valid support contract or warranty for your devices.
  • You might get inferior replacement parts instead of genuine IBM ones.
  • You may not receive any updated (e.g. security patches) to your systems, putting your data at risk.
  • Your organisation is more likely to suffer from unplanned downtime and loss of revenue of you don't take preventative measures to keep your systems up and running when you need them most.

The risks and consequences of using third-party maintenance providers are numerous. Our experts will guide you in getting the most out of your hardware by providing customised and cost-effective solutions designed specifically for your business.

Let's talk about your maintenance needs!